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Challenge Campaign!
1000 People To Plant 1000 Trees in 15mins

When: Sunday, 11 November 2018 from 08:00-12:00
Where: Xiamen University Malaysia, Sepang, Selangor


(1000 Participants for Plant 1000 Trees in 15 Mins)

Trees can beautify the city, provide oxygen, it also has life and can be a part of our lives.

Plant your touching stories together with the trees, implant them into the living environment, and let its spread to the people around you and the next generation.

Participate in the Thousand Tree Challenge Campaign, complete the challenge of a thousand trees in 15 minutes, and register to become one of the thousand!

We encourage family activities, & Let's build a healthy social environment together



参加千人种树运动,一起完成 15分钟内种一千棵树挑战运动,一起报名成为千人之一!共同建造健康的社会环境。

Want to join?

Please call or Whatsapp our Lion Pek San at 012-6816775 for details of this challenge campaign.

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Our Activities


Recycle Eyeglasses 2019

Recycle Our Used Eyeglasses, Usable Glasses Give New Life
When: Q1 2019
Where: To be confirmed

Vision Screening 2019

Vision Screening For the Poor, Help For A Brigther Vision.
When: Q2 2019
Where: To be confirmed

Classrooms for Rural 2019

Build / repair classrooms for the rural schools in Selangor
When: Q3 2019
Where: To be confirmed